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Dealing with Anger

If you are the target of workplce mobbing you know all too well that the levels of anger experienced can be overwhelming. However, it is vital that you find a way of dealing with the anger you are feeling because it is doing you harm. In addition to the physiological effects that are being triggered in your body, continued rage will affect all aspects of your life and your relationships.

Your anger is a natural reaction to the fear and helplessness being provoked by bullies, managers, unions, HR personel as well as doctors and therapists who do not understand the sociologigal dynamics at play in the mobbing phenomenon. Your dignity is violated, you are threatened with termination and financial ruin, your family has been traumatized, your health is being destroyed. You have every right to be angry. But unless you get a handle on it your anger is only going to make things worse.

The anger will likely be used against you by the bully. They see they are getting to you. They will keep the pressure on until you snap - until you say or do something that they can use against you. They will turn the tables on you and will point to your outburst as proof that they were right all along - that you are mentally unbalanced and quite possibly a danger to yourself or others.

It doesn't take a big imagination to see what comes next. Managers who never really wanted to deal with bullying anyway have an out. They will scapegoat you and terminate you immediately.

Don't fall into this trap. Learning how to deal with your anger is one of the most important skills you can develop and will be a determining factor in whether or not (or to what extent) you recover from mobbing.


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The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~ Albert Einstein


We draw our strength from the very despair in which we have been forced to live. We shall endure.

~ Cesar Chavez

Interview with a Target of
Workplace Bullying

by John Peel
on Home Truths,
BBC Radio 4

Courtesy BullyEQ


Calgary Herald
"...grossly unacceptable employer behaviour."
"There was a lot of bullying in the newsroom and it was a gift to be able to stand up and say we are prepared to do something about it."

Canwest Global
"The CanWest corporation is showing the ugly and intolerant face of modern media," ... "While openly interfering in editorial content it cravenly punishes those journalists who have the courage to protest."
"Many journalists left CanWest, deciding to quit or take disability leave after the frigid mood of their newsrooms made them ill."
> Canwest Watch

Imperial Parking
"Timothy Lloyd decided he had had enough of "going in to war every day." ... I was very unhappy in my work -- burned out, stressed out ... There were constant threats of dismissal, constant invading of my personal space, and use of profanity that was personally directed at me."
> HealthSmith

Annuity Research & Marketing Service Ltd.
"Every employer, said Justice Dambrot, owes a contractual duty to its employees to “treat them fairly, with civility, decency, respect, and dignity.” By failing to protect Ms. Stamos from Mr. Hammami’s harassment, the court concluded that the employer had breached this contractual duty."
> Labor Relations Consultants

If you found a quote on the web that we should add here just email us the quote and the URL.

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