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Tim Field, founder of Bully OnLine passed away at a hospice on the morning of January 15, 2006.

We are deeply saddened by this loss. Tim was a courageous fighter against bullying and his educational and support efforts helped save the lives of thousands of targets. Tim has been, and continues to be, an inspiration and a hero to all of us.

God bless you Tim.

~ Anton Hout

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Tim Field

A victim of bullying, he became a world authority
on the subject


Tim Field
By Will Messenger
Saturday January 21, 2006
The Guardian

Tim Field, who has died aged 53 from cancer, was a world authority on bullying and psychiatric injury, and author of the best-selling Bully in Sight (1997). His vision was for a bully-free world, and he campaigned in schools, further and higher education, and the workplace to achieve this.

In 1994, after nearly 20 years working in computing, he had himself been a victim of workplace bullying and suffered a breakdown. After recovering, he became passionate about understanding and dealing with the problem.

He set up the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line in 1996, and then an information website, Success Unlimited (later Bully Online), which was widely used. He formed a publishing house from which he released Bully in Sight. One review said: "Thank you for writing Bully in Sight. It's like a torch in the darkness." Tens of thousands of copies were sold in 30 countries. In 1998 Field published David Kinchin's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the Invisible Injury. Then, in 2001 he co-authored and published (with Neil Marr), Bullycide: Death at Playtime, an exposé of child suicide caused by bullying.

He lectured all over the world. His clients included individuals as well as institutions such as the BBC, trade unions, police forces and local authorities. He worked personally on more than 5,000 bullying cases, highlighting the lack of understanding for victims. He revealed patterns showing how trade unions often failed to deal effectively with the problem among their members.

Field believed that bullying was the single most important social issue of today, and that its study provided an opportunity to understand the behaviours which underlie almost all conflict and violence. His work inspired and influenced international anti-bullying organisations, while his personal energy, commitment and knowledge restored sanity and saved lives.

Born in Eastbourne, he graduated from Staffordshire University (then North Staffordshire Polytechnic) in 1975 with a first class honours degree in computer science. He specialised in designing and delivering training programmes before his own encounter with bullying. He received honorary doctorates for his initiatives to stamp out bullying.

Field's interests were wide ranging. He was an accomplished pianist, karaoke singer and science fiction enthusiast. He was also always keen to develop his knowledge of the spiritual aspects of life.

He married Susan, whom he had met at university. She survives him, with their two children, Michael, 16, and Fiona, 12.

Tim Field, anti-bullying campaigner, born April 24 1952; died January 15 2006.

Tribute to Tim Field

I ran across Tim Field's website when I was doing research
for my masters thesis on mobbing. Tim had such a wonderful,
extensive site built up - with many resources for researchers
and victims of bullying.

When I asked Tim questions via email, he was very quick to respond.
He felt passionate about his cause and he carried the torch for so
long with such courage.

I am truly grateful for all the work Tim has done. We will all
miss him.

I hope that I can make some of the same inroads that Tim has made
in the UK. In the US, we are only starting to see the bullying
problem. But through people like Tim, the US has started to wake
up to face the issues.

Tim was the beacon of light for the whole world. God Bless Tim.

Valerie Atkinson Brown

If you would like to add your tribute to Tim Field please contact us.



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