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When I decided to start this website in the summer of 2003 it was after having gone through the experience of mobbing for many years at a major Canadian newspaper. I was eliminated from a job I loved after a career of over 20 years and in order to prevent me from recovering from the abuse or seeking a legal remedy I was denied any severance whatsoever. I was devastated, mentally, emotionally and financially - as many targets of mobbing are.

I started this website in the hopes of helping others learn about mobbing, to help them understand what was happening, to empower them to fight the bullying or recognize the need to save their sanity and leave a toxic workplace - before it was too late.

I thank all of you who have contacted me to let me know that has made a difference in your lives. Your positive feedback and encouragement has kept me going.

If you have been effected by mobbing and want to help spread the word please support with your contribution. With enough support from people like you we can keep going - and growing... Second Life Project

If you haven't heard of Second Life yet it is a 3D virtual world where you can do just about anything you can imagination. It is a world where people can meet, conduct business, play and create. Users can buy virtual land and build virtual homes, businesses and meeting places. It is a place where targets of mobbing could come together to find support and build a community.

I'm very excited about the potential of the Second Life Project. With an account we could buy a plot of land to build on. For this there is a monthly account fee and a land tier fee based on the size of the land. As soon as funding is in place we can begin building our oasis in the metaverse. You can check out Second Life for free - just click here or on the icon above.

Thank you for any donation you can offer, together we can make this happen and hopefully in the end make this world a better place to live - and work in.

~ Anton Hout

Are You A Lawyer?

We are looking for Lawyers who are willing to represent targets of mobbing. If you would like to sponsor a text or banner link to your firm in our upcoming directory please contact us for more information.

Are You A Psychologist?

We are looking for Psychologists who offer counselling services to targets of mobbing. If you are sensitive to the needs of mobbing targets and would like to sponsor a text or banner link to your firm in our upcoming directory please contact us for more information.


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To keep a lamp burning,
we have to keep putting oil in it.

~ Mother Teresa




Ways You Can Help Us Tackle Mobbing

If you can contribute to this site as described below or in any other way please send us an email.

If you are a webmaster of a site related to the subject of mobbing please send us your url so we can include your site on our links page, and by all means please include a link to our site from yours.

If you are a professional who's practice relates to mobbing, such as, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, EAP practitioner, HR manager, union representative, etc., we would appreciate your feedback, advise or articles related to your area of expertise.

If you or a loved one is a target of mobbing we would love to hear from you. A description of the mobbing you have experienced, its effect on you and your loved ones, and how you have survived. You are certainly not alone, together we can help each other make sense of what has happened and find a way to rebuild our lives. If you have found ways of coping with the impact of mobbing we would like to include your advise in our "Mobbing Survival 101" section.

If you are an employer who has implemented anti-mobbing policies we would like to hear from you. How did you become aware of mobbing, generally and in your organization specifically? Were there obstacles to the initial recognition of mobbing as a real problem? What are the benefits you have seen, to your employees and to your operations since introducing the policy? How can we better communicate to business leaders the urgent need to address mobbing?

If you have any links to articles, news items, legal aspects or anything else related to mobbing that you feel would be of benefit to others please let us know so we can make them available on this site.

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~ Albert Einstein

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