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Mobbing and Bullying News

News Focus:
The Capt. Boni Prokopetz and Jeanette Moznik Cases

News Focus - Bonnie ProkopetzMobbing and Bullying
News Archive

Sep. 27, 2006
Head teacher guilty of bullying
A head teacher has been found guilty of unacceptable professional conduct by bullying and intimidating staff as well as breaching employment procedures.
>>> Source: BBC News

Aug. 05, 2006
Beat bullies at any price
Fiona Phillips - ...I for one am overjoyed that City secretary Helen Green's case of workplace bullying was treated seriously in the High Court this week. The court found that she had been the victim of "a deliberate and concerted campaign of bullying" and awarded her £800,000.
>>> Source:

Aug. 02, 2006
City secretary driven to breakdown by bullies gets £800,000
A former secretary has won more than £800,000 damages from Deutsche Bank after a High Court judge ruled that her City employers failed to protect her from "spiteful" colleagues who drove her to a nervous breakdown.
>>> Source:

Aug. 02, 2006
Woman Wins $1.5 Million in Bullying Claim
A former Deutsche Bank employee who accused her colleagues of bullying her won more than $1.5 million from the company Tuesday.
>>> Source: AOL News

Dec. 07, 2005
KFC bullies 'caused girl's death'
A jury has decided that a teenager took her own life after being bullied by fellow workers at a KFC restaurant. Hannah Kirkham, 18, of Baguley, Manchester, had been attacked and humiliated by some of her colleagues, the inquest heard.
>>> Source: BBC News

Nov. 24, 2005
Scientist who cloned Dolly 'bullied Asian colleague'
By Auslan Cramb, Scottish Correspondent. The scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep was accused yesterday of bullying an Asian colleague in a £1 million race discrimination case. Prof Ian Wilmut, 63, is alleged to have forced Dr Prim Singh, 45, to leave his job as a molecular biologist at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh.
>>> Source:

Nov. 23, 2005
Making a drama out of an office bullying crisis
Bullying and harassment of staff are taking centre stage at the Co-op this autumn as the giant company introd- uces professional drama and role-playing to tackle the growing problem of “disrespect” between colleagues.
>>> Source: Times Online UK

ca flag Nov. 17, 2005
Adult workplace encourages bullies
By Lyn Cockburn, Edmonton Sun. Bullying is surely encouraged in schools by events in the adult workplace in which the whistleblower who reports company wrongdoing is reprimanded or even fired instead of praised.
>>> Source:

Jul. 30, 2005
What to do about a really bad boss
By Margarita Bauza, Knight Ridder Newspaper
DETROIT -- Stephanie Givinsky was never one to take abuse from people.
When she found herself working in an eight-person urban planning firm with a brilliant boss who regularly ridiculed, blamed and yelled at her and her co-workers, it didn't take long for her to quit...
>>> Source:

Jun. 7, 2005
Workplace bullying costs billions
According to International Behavioural Consultants (IBC), the loss of employees as a result of bullying affects a company's reputation and profitability. In fact, bullying in the workplace is now estimated to cost Irish businesses around €3 billion annually.
>>> Source:

Nov. 24, 2004
Man Gets Out Of Prison After Killing Bully In '95
SPRING VALLEY, Calif. -- A retired Navy commander is scheduled to be released from state prison this week -- exactly nine years after he killed a bully terrorizing his San Diego neighborhood, 10News reported.
>>> Source: 10News

Nov. 22, 2004
Workplace Bullying; What's Being Done About It?
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- How's your job? Do you worry that your boss or other coworkers are out to get you? It may not be just a figment of your imagination.
>>> Source: The KCRA

Sep. 13, 2004
If you want to avoid stress
By The Journal
Over a quarter of a million people in the UK take time off work every day, due to stress. Business Link Tyne & Wear manager Nicki Clark discusses the major causes of workplace stress and what to do about them.
>>> Source:

Aug 17, 2004
Bullied workers suffer 'battle stress'.
By Julian Knight BBC News Online personal finance reporter. What do soldiers under fire and bullied workers have in common? Not much, you may think. However research from a leading psychologist suggests that bullied workers go through the very same emotions and stresses as battle-scarred troopers.
>>> Source: BBC News

Jul. 3, 2004
Six people dead in Kansas plant shooting
In an article from it is reported that one of the wounded workers has died bringing the total number of fatalities to 6. The 21 year old shooter, Elijah Brown, did not have a criminal record and according to Kansas City Police Chief Ronald Miller there was "some truth" to a rumor that Brown may have had specific targets in mind and let others pass unharmed. >>> Source:

Jun. 12, 2004
Brain has 'early warning system'
University College London experts have shown how the brain subconsciously remembers details around past dangers. >>> Source: BBC News

Jun. 10, 2004
How Brain Gives Special Resonance To Emotional Memories
DURHAM, N.C. -- If the emotional memory of a traumatic car accident or the thrill of first love are remembered with a special resonance, it is because they engage different brain structures than do normal memories, Duke University researchers have discovered. >>> Source:
Duke University

Apr. 24, 2004
DEFRA throws away agricultural expertise
Andrew Taylor explained today how bullying in a DEFRA department (the cattle tracing project (CTS) that developed software for British Cattle Movements System) at Guildford in November 2000 resulted in his being unjustly sacked, just months before his unique combination of farming experience and expertise in farming related software were so desperately needed. >>> Source:

Oct 10, 2003
Brain scan shows rejection pain
Being snubbed socially provokes exactly the same brain response as being physically hurt, say US researchers
>>> Source: BBC News

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You take my life when you do take the means whereby I live.

~ William Shakespear, The Merchant of Venice. Act iv. Sc. 1


We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

~ Martin Luther King Jr

Video Library
The Corporation
Interview with a Target of
Workplace Bullying

by John Peel
on Home Truths,
BBC Radio 4

Courtesy BullyEQ


Calgary Herald
"...grossly unacceptable employer behaviour."
"There was a lot of bullying in the newsroom and it was a gift to be able to stand up and say we are prepared to do something about it."

Canwest Global
"The CanWest corporation is showing the ugly and intolerant face of modern media," ... "While openly interfering in editorial content it cravenly punishes those journalists who have the courage to protest."
"Many journalists left CanWest, deciding to quit or take disability leave after the frigid mood of their newsrooms made them ill."
> Canwest Watch

Imperial Parking
"Timothy Lloyd decided he had had enough of "going in to war every day." ... I was very unhappy in my work -- burned out, stressed out ... There were constant threats of dismissal, constant invading of my personal space, and use of profanity that was personally directed at me."
> HealthSmith

Annuity Research & Marketing Service Ltd.
"Every employer, said Justice Dambrot, owes a contractual duty to its employees to “treat them fairly, with civility, decency, respect, and dignity.” By failing to protect Ms. Stamos from Mr. Hammami’s harassment, the court concluded that the employer had breached this contractual duty."
> Labor Relations Consultants

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