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Information About Mobbing
Target Support Sites
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Articles About Mobbing
Human Rights/Labour Standards
Health and Wellness
Miscellaneous Related Links

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Information About Mobbing

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia
Presents the late Professor Heinz Leymann's pioneering research into mobbing. Some of the best information on the web about mobbing can be found on this site.

Bully OnLine
Workplace bullying: what is it, myths, how to recognise it, surveys, costs, and why me? This site by Tim Field provides a wide range of information about all aspects of mobbing as well as support for targets. This site is world renouned and is must reading for anyone interested in understanding and combating bullying and mobbing. Tim Field is the author of "Bully in Sight: How to Predict, Resist, Challenge and Combat Workplace Bullying".

Kenneth Westhues, Professor of Sociology, University of Waterloo
Prof. Westhues is a Canadian mobbing expert and researcher. Having successfully challenged a mobbing attack, he continues to study the phenomenon with particular focus on mobbing in academic circles. He is the author of several books on the subject including Eliminating Professors; The Envy of Excellence; Workplace Mobbing in Academe; Winning, Losing, Moving On and Remedy and Prevention of Mobbing.

The Field Foundation
Validation, Empowerment: Working for a bully-free world.
To take his work to the next level, Tim Field (creator of Bully OnLine) has moved all education, campaigning, support and awareness-raising activities under the wing of The Field Foundation.

The Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute
The Workplace Bullying & Trauma Institute, education and research focus.
Dr. Gary and Dr. Ruth Namie, authors of "The Bully At Work" an empowering guide for individuals who need to comabt tyrants at work, provide research, education and advocacy to end psychological violence at work for individuals and organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Bully Busters
Catalyst for grassroots advocacy to stop workplace bullying through legal reform.

The Andrea Adams Trust
As a non-political, non-profit making charity they are working to reduce the incidences of bullying in the workplace through their advice lines, publications, services and specialist consultancy services and training programmes.

www.banbullyingatwork.comNational Ban Bulling At Work Day
The 4th National Ban Bullying Day is set for November 7th 2006. This website and campaign is the combined effort of a number of organisations who are working to raise awareness of the issue in the UK. This is a central resource for activities and links to all interested groups.

Canadian Initiative on Workplace Violence
The CIWV is a Canadian social research firm that focuses its attention on workplace violence from a Canadian perspective. This site is dedicated to the many individuals and organizations throughout Canada who are working to make Canadian workplaces safe, free from the debilitating effects of workplace aggression.

CEIU - Canada Employment and Immigration Union - Bullying Page
Extensive overview of workplace bullying and mobbing including many links to information and resources.

Canada Safety Counsel's Workplace Bullying Page
An overview of mobbing and the challenges we face overcoming it.

CCOHS - "Violence in the Workplace"
Answers to frequently asked questions about mobbing from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety - Canada's National Occupational Health and Saftey Resource.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association - Bullying Page
Information and links related to bullying in schools and the workplace for teachers.

HCHSA - Health Care Health & Safety Association - Workplace Violence Page
HCHSA's Workplace Violence page provides links to information about mobbing, workplace violence prevention/intervention programs and training with a focus on workers in the health care and social services fields.

Living With Bullys in Manitoba
This web site was created to help people learn the truth about bullying and how it is handled by both government and the public in general. Written from the perspective of parents of a bullied child, this site offers insights into the counterproductive reaction to complaints of bullying by other adults, including teachers, government, police and parents of bullies.

Stop Bullying in SA (South Australia)
A collaborative effort of the interagency roundtable on workplace bullying. This practical website has been developed to help employees and employers identify and deal with bullying in the workplace. It aims to provide practical advice and information on making workplaces safer for everyone concerned.

Beat crime, anti-social behaviour, bullying, abuse and mobbing with emotional intelligence. This site provides a wealth of information about psychopathic behavior, corporate denial of responsibility, unrecognized forms of abuse, and bringing emotional intelligence to bear on these problems.

Bullying of Academics in Higher Education
The bullying of academics is a hidden problem. Our aim is to bring this issue to the forefront. Despite the anti-bullying policies (the majority of them token), very few academic managers are aware of what bullying really is and how to deal with it. Bullying is rife across campuses, and the victims (targets) often pay a heavy price.

Harassment 101
We want to show you how to stand up for your rights, values, and views. You have the right to live, work, play and be educated in an harassment free environment. We want to help you do just that.

PHIA - Psychological Harassment Information Association
This website was created to provide information about psychological harassment and its many forms. It also exposes psychological harassment and different psychological manipulations used to target individuals.
Provides an excellent overview of workplace violence and bullying at work.

The Work Trauma Foundation
This South African foundation is working to eradicate mobbing and its attendent psychosocial problems by establishing a culture of dignity and respect in the workplace.

Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness is a US non-profit organization that provides information, education and assistance to individual workers and their advocates nationwide and promotes public policies that advance employee rights.

Stress and psychosocial risks. Bullying at work (mobbing or moral harassment)
From the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. The effects of stress are not just psychological in nature, but also affect people's physical health, well-being and productivity.

Anti-Bullying Centre, Trinity College Dublin
Information on Bully Behaviour in Schools and in the Workplace. This site provides a wealth of information as well as resources.

NUJ Glasgow Branch BULLYING: What are Bullying and Harassment?
This Scottish site by the National Union of Journalists contains a wealth of information about mobbing and what to do about it for management, unions and targets.

Workplace Bullying in NSW, Australia
This site looks at workplace bullying issues with a focus on NSW legislation but much of the material is applicable everywhere - for both workers and employers.

Redbank Local, American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO
This 'ZERO TOLERANCE' page provides a wide variety of information and links related to workplace abuse.


Target Support Sites

No Bully For Me
'Adding Insight to Injury' The anti workplace bullying group based in Vancouver, B.C. This site is well worth a click for any Canadians suffering as a result of being targeted.

Mobbing & Bullying Nova Scotia
This site by Stephen Bruce O'Handley provides an overview of the mobbing process and answers many questions related to workplace bullying and its consequences.

Bully OnLine
Workplace bullying: what is it, myths, how to recognise it, surveys, costs, and why me? This site by Tim Field provides a wide range of information about all aspects of mobbing as well as support for targets.
Is a workplace bully making your life miserable?
Is the office bully on your case and in your face? - where your fight begins.

jfo: targeting bullying
jfo (just fight on) is a worldwide community project dedicated to helping and promoting targets of workplace bullying.

Support Group Network
The Support Group Network (hosted by jfo) has one primary aim - to effectively help targets of workplace bullying.

Mobbing on the Work Floor
The intention of this website is to make employees and employers (more) aware of the implications of mobbing and bring victims together for support and advice.

Freedom to Care
The UK's first whistleblower support group (1991), Promoting the expression of social conscience in the workplace, public accountability, ethics at work and supporting whistleblowers and whistleblowing. Providing free information on professional ethics, bullying at work, corporate responsibility, social and ethical accounting and auditing - especially in health care, nursing, social work, police, financial services, government, education, science and environmental protection.

DAWN - Dignity At Work Now
Anti-Bullying in the Workplace Support and Campaign Group

The portal to their full featured and secure forums.

The American Nerd Association
The American Nerd Association works to promote equality and human rights. We seek diversity and promote tolerance. We believe in the inherent value of every human being, and in the absolute right of everyone to respect and dignity.
PARAMAFIA VIOLENCE OF MOBBING: the Company fires a clerk who has become inconvenient. This Italian site provides information about mobbing and advise for targets.
Advocating zero tolerance to workplace bullying in New Zealand.

FACE Intel
The mission of the Former And Current Employees of Intel is to influence positive human resource policies and practices and create true long-term employment opportunities at Intel. To influence Intel to abolish its predatory Ranking and Rating system and replace it with a true performance review system, which only be based on merits of employees performance. To Influence Intel to stop age, disability, gender, race, and ethnicity discriminations.


Online Support Groups

Bully OnLine Support Group
The world's leading forum on tackling bullying is open to all and the aim is to provide validation and re-empowerment for those who have suffered work abuse or bullying anywhere.

Nineveh Support Group
Nineveh is a lay Christian ministry whose mission is to provide heartful validation, support, education, and empowerment to individuals who feel they are experiencing bullying, mobbing, and scapegoating in work and organizational environments. While Nineveh is US-based, all are welcome on this forum. Workplace Bullying Forum (NEW FORUM)
An active forum for exchange of information and support for targets of workplace bullying and mobbing. Workplace Bullying Forum (OLD FORUM - NOW CLOSED)
This board remains open as a read-only archive for reference purposes.

jfo (Just Fight On) Online Support Group
Our online support offers a secure environment in which to seek the advice and support you need.


Bullying/Mobbing Consultants

The Work Doctor: Workplace Bullying Specialists for Employers
Workplace bullying consulting and training services by Dr. Gary and Dr. Ruth Namie, authors of "The Bully At Work" an empowering guide for individuals who need to comabt tyrants at work.
Worker-on-worker aggression is not new. However strategic, direct business approaches to stopping it are new. The Work Doctor ® is the bold North American innovator helping organizations combat destructive bullying (psychological harassment) at work. Nearly every workplace needs it. Are you ready to step up to address it?.

Report Bullying
As an active Professional Motivational Speaker Jim Jordan has worked diligently with his team examining the root of bullying both in the school setting and corporate workplace. All their efforts were put together to create different grade level school programs and information focusing on - Stop Bullying school Assemblies/Presentations, Workplace Bullying Lunch & Learns/Information plus providing information on Cyber bullying. Jim Jordan has put together an informative and impressive Stop Bullying website that incorporates an Online Report Bullying program for students, teachers and employees.

Creating a Safer Environment at Work and School
ChooseToCare is a division of Asset Control, Inc. Asset Control is a full-service consulting firm, located in Denton, Texas, that specializes in employee screening, integrity solutions, and risk assessments for companies in both the public and private sectors.

Mobbing-USA Emotional Abuse In The American Workplace
Consulting, Training, Presentations
The authors of Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace (Noa Davenport Ph.D., Gail Pursell Elliot & Ruth Distler Schwartz), are consultants and trainers. They are available for presentations, seminars and workshops on mobbing and bullying in the workplace.

DNZ Training International - Understanding Conflict - Creating Solutions
Consulting services by Noa Davenport Ph.D. and Aaron Davenport, MBA. DNZ’s focus is service and workplace improvement through training and consulting. DNZ builds on existing talent and works primarily with small business, schools, social service organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Innovations "Training With a Can Do Attitude"
The purpose of Gail Pursell Elliott's Innovations: "Training With a Can-Do Attitude" is "To promote respect and understanding among people and to help them grow personally and professionally through the development of insight and awareness." Gail Pursell Elliott is also the author of "School Mobbing and Emotional Abuse: See It - Stop It - Prevent It With Dignity and Respect".

Work and Family Resources Counseling and Research
Judith Wyatt and Chauncey Hare, Licensed Family Therapists, have long experience in helping the targets of mobbing and raising awareness on the subject of workplace abuse.

Sheila Freeman Consulting
Workplace Bullying and Financial Counselling Services
This Australian firm provides consultation, seminars and workshops on:
Workplace bullying for employers, unions and community groups as well as general money management to individuals, school and community groups.

WAVE- Workplaces Against Violence in Employment
New Zealand firm, WAVE's mission is to help employers address all forms of violence in the workplace, including; physical violence, psychological violence (workplace bullying), sexual and racial harassment, discrimination, domestic violence spill-over.

Integrity International
Integrity International is a Washington-based non-profit group that provides resources and support for whistleblowers. The Foundation was created by Dr. Don Soeken to provide support to whistleblowers both in corporate and governmental institutions to ensure that they will be able to exercise their rights to free speech, conscientiously perform their duties and remain free from harassment and intimidation.


Articles About Mobbing

Public sector bullying and the failure of trade unions to represent members
Bullying and the political dimension. Bullying in the public sector and the failure of trade unions to support members. Written from a UK perspective Tim Field describes a situation very much the same as what we are seeing in Canada.

At the Mercy of the Mob
A summary of research on workplace mobbing published in OHS Canada, by Professor Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo.

Workplace Mobbing in Academe
Professor Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo, provides sage advise to those being mobbed in academic circles.

"The Difficult Professor," a Pernicious Concept
Professor Kenneth Westhues, University of Waterloo, addresses the inappropriate labeling of mobbing targets as "difficult people", or in the case of academe, "Difficult Professors".

What's Going on with Mobbing Bullying and Work Harassment Internationally
Article by Susan Dunn describes the status of mobbing around the world.

Bullying Employees Can Cost Your Company
By Jay MacDonald - This article will be of particular interest to employers. It outlines several ways your company is negatively impacted by mobbing.

Workplace Bullies: Graziadio Business Report
Workplace bullies can stymie employee performance and hinder an organization's ability to compete. This report provides an in-depth description of what mobbing is and its impact on businesses.


Human Rights/Labour Standards

Human Rights Commissions in Canada are a farce. While we provide these links we don't want to give the impression that Human Rights Commissions will provide any relief or redress from workplace bullying. Many wait not weeks or months but years before their cases are heard. Human Rights Commissions in Canada are just one more way in which targets of bullying are violated.

Canadian Human Rights Commission
Canadian Human Rights Commission - Links Page
Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal
British Columbia Human Rights Coalition
Manitoba Human Rights Commission
New Brunswick Human Rights Commission
Newfoundland Human Rights Commission
Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission
Ontario Human Rights Commission
Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission
Québec - Commission des droits de la personne
et des droits de la jeunesse

Québec - Commission des normes du travail
    This commission is the organization responsible for the
    application of the Quebec Labour Standards Act which
    includes sections addressing psychological harassment.

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission
Yukon Human Rights Commission
Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre, Canada

See Also:

Blog by Whistleblower, Claudette Losier
Sociological Justice System in Ontario based on Status and Bias


Health and Wellness
Welcome to Your Free Virtual SPA - Here you can relax and have fun
Discover a secret treasure of self help tools for stress management.


Miscellaneous Related Links

CanWest Watch
CanWest Watch is a feature of Adbusters. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported, 120,000-circulation magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces.

[You've Stolen Something From Me, Leonard Asper]

Suppression of Dissent
This site deals with attacks on dissenting views and individuals. The general field of "suppression of dissent" includes whistleblowing, free speech, systems of social control and related topics. The purpose of the site is to foster examination of these issues and action against suppression. It is founded on the assumption that openness and dialogue should be fostered to challenge unaccountable power. The editor of this site, Brian Martin, has been investigating suppression since the late 1970s.

 Democracy Watch
Democracy Watch is a national Canadian citizens group advocating democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility, and has been successful in winning systemic changes to key laws in Canada over the past 10 years. is designed to help inform the public about political psychology; that is, psychologists violating established codes of ethics to carry out the political agendas of others, especially employers. Political psychology is often used to facilitate workplace mobbing..

Stanford Prison Experiment (Zimbardo Experiment)
Features an extensive slide show and information about this classic psychology experiment (conducted by Professor Philip G. Zimbardo), including parallels with the recent abuse of Iraqi prisoners. What happens when you put good people in an evil place? Does humanity win over evil, or does evil triumph? Less than 36 hours into the experiment, Prisoner #8612 began suffering from acute emotional disturbance, disorganized thinking, uncontrollable crying, and rage. While this experiment ended after a short time for the participants it continues to be played out in workplaces across Canada and around the world every day.

Breaking Ranks - Dignity is not negotiable
Website of Robert Fuller, author of 'Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank'. If anything is human nature, it is the will to democracy, that is, the will to curtail abuses of rank by acting together to create systems of governance that circumscribe authority. The first step is to become aware of rank as an excuse for abuse. As we become adept at distinguishing between the legitimate and illegitimate uses of rank, collective opposition to rank’s abuses becomes possible.
Eliminating Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide. It's a big job and The Scary Guy™ is the big man ready to tackle it. He is the inspirational answer to the question, "What can one person do?".
How to deal with bad bosses, problem supervisors and difficult managers.


Healing Rythms - Relieve Stress with Biofeedback Training

The world is a dangerous place,
not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~ Albert Einstein


During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

~ George Orwell

Video Library
The Corporation
Interview with a Target of
Workplace Bullying

by John Peel
on Home Truths,
BBC Radio 4

Courtesy BullyEQ


Calgary Herald
"...grossly unacceptable employer behaviour."
"There was a lot of bullying in the newsroom and it was a gift to be able to stand up and say we are prepared to do something about it."

Canwest Global
"The CanWest corporation is showing the ugly and intolerant face of modern media," ... "While openly interfering in editorial content it cravenly punishes those journalists who have the courage to protest."
"Many journalists left CanWest, deciding to quit or take disability leave after the frigid mood of their newsrooms made them ill."
> Canwest Watch

Imperial Parking
"Timothy Lloyd decided he had had enough of "going in to war every day." ... I was very unhappy in my work -- burned out, stressed out ... There were constant threats of dismissal, constant invading of my personal space, and use of profanity that was personally directed at me."
> HealthSmith

Annuity Research & Marketing Service Ltd.
"Every employer, said Justice Dambrot, owes a contractual duty to its employees to “treat them fairly, with civility, decency, respect, and dignity.” By failing to protect Ms. Stamos from Mr. Hammami’s harassment, the court concluded that the employer had breached this contractual duty."
> Labor Relations Consultants

If you found a quote on the web that we should add here just email us the quote and the URL.

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